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Iona is excellent. She is a clear thinker and compelling communicator. She develops good strategies and is resilient in seeing them through. Iona is a team player, has integrity and can be relied upon.

Tim Pemberton, Executive Editor, BBC Africa


One thing that I love about working with Iona is her no-nonsense, practical approach to what is essentially a complex issue.

Joy Warmington, Chief Executive, brap

Iona has offered critical advice and guidance to First Class Youth as a company on many occasions, as well as supporting individuals within and affiliated to the company. Iona has also linked First Class Youth to other organisations which has benefitted and enabled the company to grow. Iona is well known for her consistent and genuine support and for that, we truly appreciate her!

Melissa Shervington, Director, First Class Youth


Iona is affirming and really makes a positive difference to everything she puts her hand to. I’ve appreciated the value she has added not just to my business but to me as an individual.

Ketch Adeeko, Principal Consultant, Kristem Consulting


I have found Iona to be extremely professional and knowledgeable in her area of expertise but, above all things, I have found her to truly mean what she says with such sincerity - it's inspiring! Iona is generous and considerate and I have been privileged to be a recipient of her support.

Herman Stewart, CEO, Every Child Needs a Mentor


Iona is an effective catalyst in helping organisations to grow through the successful integration of diversity. I have always valued her advice and guidance and I believe that she provides companies and individuals with an honest, knowledgeable and genuine solution to issues that they seek to solve. 

Joel Graham-Blake, Director, Cultiv8 Solutions


It was terrifically useful and really well thought out training. It really got me thinking about the nuts and bolts of running an event, and it was so useful being able to compare experience with everyone. Thanks for such a useful and positive session.

Glenn James, Unleash


Iona has been a great source of advice and support in progressing my career by suggesting strategies to deal with particular situations. This has been wonderful in building my confidence and accessing opportunities that I otherwise wouldn't have pursued. She is a great networker and strategist - always willing to help me achieve my personal goals.

Uchenna Izundu, Energy Journalist


I would like to thank Iona for giving me the knowledge to enter interviews with confidence. Her advice played a crucial role in getting me a place in Oxford University. I am grateful to her for investing her time and expertise into ensuring that I will make the most of my potential.

Daniel Stone, Widening Participation Internship Officer at University of Birmingham


All the activities have been fantastic and really made me think about the stereotypes I have. Very thought provoking.


All the activities were valuable as they were revealing about my own beliefs and those of colleagues. It gave opportunity to learn more about ‘real’ views of different cultures.

Participants at Equalities Training, St Mark's School, Shelton


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