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Our Vision


Diversity is a fundamental and inescapable fact of life. However, diversity is not just about acknowledging difference; it's about valuing and understanding the uniqueness of each person's contribution to the workplace, to the community and to society. 


Successful organisations and communities have practices which challenge discrimination and promote respect and inclusion. Such places are creative, supportive and productive. 


Equality can easily be lost in the narrative of diversity but it is key to ensuring that society benefits from its diversity.


Our Services


Imagine Associates work with the voluntary, public and private sector. We help organisations to improve their staff productivity, customer loyalty and community credibility through excellence in equality and diversity.


Imagine Associates offer: consultancy, research, training and mentoring  


Our clients are provided with guidance and well designed, effective tools to help them to manage change. We take a pragmatic and supportive approach which encourages organisations to take bold and confident steps towards greater diversity and equality.


Each client has a tailor-made package of interventions based on a thorough needs audit.


Imagine Associates' clients have experienced improved teamwork, creativity, corporate and personal communication, customer satisfaction and individual potential. 



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